The below form can be used to determine the hourly rate that you are expected to pay based on the features that you are expecting in a custom plugin. For each individual feature, you can select a plan type (budget, premium, or pro) by clicking on a description. The total price will update accordingly at the bottom of the page.
Regardless of the additional features you choose, there will always be a base hourly rate of 12 EUR. All budget features are included in this hourly rate.









The sort of plugin to develop.

Utility plugin.

Game plugin without BungeeCord support.

Game plugin with BungeeCord support.


The thoroughness of the testing.

Rapid test before delivery.
Only tested on one version-specific testing environment. Just testing if everything works as expected.

Quick system test after adding new functionalities.
Tested on 2-4 different environments and most functionalities will be tested before delivery.

Thorough smoke tests after adding new functionalities.
Tested on as many setups and configurations that we can, every feature will be tested on each configuration.

Messages & Items

The customization rate of the messages and items.

Not customizable. All messages are predefined by the project owner and are hard-coded in.

Messages are customizable. Item data such as materials, amounts, and display names are hard-coded in.

All messages and items are customizable.


The functionalities of the commands.

Regular commands to execute tasks.

Regular commands to execute tasks, with auto-completion for subcommands and their values.

Config commands to change certain configuration options.

Version Support

How good this plugin should function in different environments.

Written for one specific Minecraft version. Other versions are unsupported if NMS is required.

The ability to run on 1.12- and 1.13+ environments. Only one NMS version supported if required.

The ability to run on a maximum of 4 (flagship) Minecraft versions, with full NMS supported if required.

Publication Discount

Get a discount on your total price if you let us publish your plugin to the public.

In exchange for a 15 EUR discount, I authorize GCNT to publish this plugin as a premium resource one month after the first version was made available to me.* €15 DISCOUNT

Publication not allowed

Total price:

€12 / hour + €7,50

All budget features are included in the hourly rate.
Switching to different feature plans is not possible after the initial payment. The hourly rate will then be used for the time spent on additional plan changes such as better testing.

* It is not guaranteed that you will receive this discount. This plugin proposal has to be reviewed first. Only plugins that are interesting for the greater public, and do not contain any server-specific code can receive this discount. This is nonnegotiable.