User Platform.

We created a platform where our products and its users come together: My GCNT. It is the one place where you can download all our plugins, including custom and premium ones. We are also offering some useful tools for certain plugins that make configuring certain files a lot easier.


Copy. Create. Share.

With MyGCNT Pastes, you can create an online Paste containing text. You can share the Paste by copying the link in the browser. If the Paste is linked to your MyGCNT account, you are also able to edit and delete the paste after you created it.

my gcnt showcase

About Us.

GCNT is short for GaagjesCraft Network Team: a group of advanced Minecraft plugin developers that create custom and public Bukkit and Spigot plugins for Minecraft servers. The word "GaagjesCraft" comes from an old Dutch Minecraft server that we started with same family members when we were younger. "Gaag" was our family name.
As we all ages and school became more important, we decided to discontinue the server and start focussing on other servers and their (custom) plugin development instead.
Now, 3 people from all the Netherlands, France, and the United States have gathered together as a team to develop (custom) Minecraft server plugins.
And so the GaagjesCraft Network Team, better known as GCNT, was born.

Connect with Discord.

Imagine a place where GCNT products and its users come together.
In our official Discord server, we are offering premium support, inform you about new products and services, allow our users to connect with each other and share their tips, and offer giveaways every once in a while.

Join hundreds of GCNT users and server owners. Discuss, get assistance, and make friends, all in the GCNT Community Discord server!