User Platform

We created a platform for all ours users and products to meet. Download every plugin version of our plugins every made, create pastes and share them with whoever you like and use our plugin configuration tools for easy setup.

Pastes are easily creatable, and can be managed when logged in to your My GCNT account. The paste manager will automatically detect what coding language you're typing in and colorizes it when you publish it.

my gcnt showcase

About Us

We are GCNT, an advanced team of Minecraft plugin developers. We create custom Bukkit and Spigot plugins for servers.
Here is a little background information about us: We used to be GCNT, a Dutch Minecraft server with about 30 players at once. But as we all aged, we decided to stop the server and stat focussing on other people's servers and custom plugin development. We became a team, and here we are: GaagjesCraft Network Team, also known as GCNT.

Connect with Discord

Discord is the beautiful center of GCNT. The place where we connect people with our products, and with each other. It's the place where we help you out when you're having trouble, the place where we inform you about new products and services, and the place where you can learn to get the most of your minecraft server.

Join hundreds of other people that have the same interests as you. Discuss. Get assistance. Make friends. It's all possible in the GCNT Community Discord!